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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Addicted to computer

Here I am with my point-form blogpost. I thought I could produce at least KL day 1 post today. Guess I've overestimated myself. 2 days staying at home. Love it. Hate it. Meh. That's my life isn't is?

1. Managed to wake up before 12 today *pats back*
2. Cooked lunch - fried noodles
3. Didn't snack much hoho
4. 2 more eps to end of The King Hearts. 
5. Edited some of the photos for KL. Hopefully they will be done by tomorrow.
6. Wrote a list of to-dos (im order not to waste my day) but ended up completing 2/3 of that list. LOL.
7. I need to go back to my ex company (what a sad word to use) tomorrow to pass them pressies. Before it is too lazy T____T
8. Going to the doc tmr before I cough to death.
9. I need larger thumb drive/probably a hard disk. Too lazy to explain.
10. Fake lashes don't love me. oh well. Guess I got to learn
11. Cannot decide which dress to wear on Friday.
12. Weather is unbearable. Sweating non-stop.
13. Gonna sleep early. The stupid cough is making sleep difficult. 
14. Pack my messy house tomorrow! Top priority! 

I only got feel to pack when it is passed midnight wtf. Then I'd convince myself it is too late to do it, I need to sleep. This whole drama repeats everyday and the house just gets messier - because of me. -__-
I'm amazed by myself as well. Time to inject some maid's blood into me and get my ass off the computer chair. Believe it or not, I've been sitting here since... 3. And it's 1am. Good luck eyes, body, tummy etc. I am indeed addicted to computer. Say no to computer tomorrow!!!!! 

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