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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crazy pile of lectures today

As the title suggests, I had 4 hours of lectures - from 830am all the way to 1230pm, 1 hour break time and another 3 hours lecture straight. Meh, almost turned into stone sitting there listening. So tired I can barely move right now.

I love one of the Chem lecturers. I think he will be damn strict in terms of studies but at the very minimum he cracks jokes every now and then. 1 hour lecture practically flew by. Thank god it did. 

Don't depend on the map to navigate around the campus. Stupid shit we lost our way because of that. Use the online platform instead.

Had yummy cai peng at Can B. I love it! So cheap so good! Can B is so near my school. Guess it will be my favourite dining place very soon. Anywhere but Can 14 (Which is the canteen in my hall fml). Yue's papaya fruit juice is made using... papaya powder wtf disgusting max. 

My 3 hours lecture was Astronomy. You think it is interesting? You really think so?? I was almost bored to death. Nearly dozed off for xyz times sigh. I hope it will be better next week. Maybe I'm just not familiar with the terms used plus I had a late night last night. I will enjoy it next lesson, I will!

Headed back to hall after lectures and did what we do everyday while waiting for dinner time to come. However, we gave dinner with my hall mates a miss because wen lost her ezlink card. We went all the way to hall 1 to look for it. Or is it hall 6? Doesn't matter. Very hard to get it back but can we pray for a miracle?

Headed to Can 1 for dinner. Omg I love the food there. It's like food paradise or something near. I'm so going back! I've tons of things to choose from. (...can 14 T _ T)

Now it's like our 'own' time. I really like my me-time after interacting/1 whole tired day. 11pm. Really early but I can hardly keep my eyes open. 

Going to make a cup of nice tea, do some reading before crashing. I need the energy. Butterfactory tomorrow. Eh I don't even know where but does it matter?

Been working hard for this whole week so I guess it doesn't hurt to party a little? Heheeee come ba come ba. After 12 midnight that is. I believe CAC booked the whole butterfac for the event from like evening to midnight. So come after 12! 

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