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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fate made strangers meet but did not make them stay

True story. 


It is 10am in the morning. I have been boiling the water for my maggie mee since... 9 plus. Sigh hotpot is slower than probably starting a fire from stones. I'm going to have 2 packs I don't care. I was so hungry yesterday I attempted to munch on a waffle stick. Coffee flavour. Yeah so smart when I want to sleep as soon as possible.

Oh I (hand)washed my clothes yesterday. I thought it was our usual practice until sis told me mum usually use washing machine. LOL. It's okay, I find washing clothes quite.. therapeutic. Time for a switch when I'm depressed hahah!

I kinda like waking early. I have so much time to spare. Plus I ironed my clothes! I'm not sure why all the clothes I brought from home will look like salted vegetable. Curse curse.

Yeah so here's me and my pieces of thoughts. Good morning, today is a bright and happy day. :)

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