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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Flower boys

Good morning~
Union day today = no chem lectures + only 2 hours Astro lecture later! Skipped morning lecture. Too lazy to move. I will view the recorded lecture later hoho.

Slept pretty late last night because I'm currently obsessed with the flower boy ramen show ^^ Ran back after training so I can watch 1 more minute wtf. I've like 4 more eps to go!

Welcome tea for my CCA today! Can't wait to know more about it! I'll be joining something very different + alone. It's okay, it wouldn't be that hard right!

Now, let me continue my show and do some work at the same time. Very bad practice sigh but I can't stop watching + I need to finish my tutorials.

PS, the cereal photo looks really nice but I still hate it. Luckily I bought the small travel pack. Imagine 1 whole bucket of er xin de cereal... T ^ T
Can't eat anything that makes me skinny lol.

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