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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Free day isn't free at all

Woke up really early on days without school. Had my chocolate bread + vico (another milo brand) for breakfast and washed clothes. Fell asleep again and ended up rushing like a mad woman because I'm meeting zr & cy for lunch. Lunch place was canteen 14. So near yet I barely had anything there before . After which, I traveled down to JP to restock my food supplies. 

Bought so much there - snacks, apples, a clutch and a pair of wedges. 

My lecture room snacks!

Opened an UOB account but waited for 1 hour ++ because the system was down. Packed $1.50 chicken rice back for dinner, printed my notes and showered. 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Shall not bore you further with my not-so-interesting day. Going to pack my stuff and do some school work before immersing myself in the ramen korean show. Damnnnnnn I'm craving for ramen now.

Dad packed this for me and I finished it all yesterday ^^

IT show this friday/weekends? :) Say yes to own lappie! 

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