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Monday, August 27, 2012

Gave me a little bit of sunshine

What's going on? Can things stay simple? Long story sigh. It's not something too depressing though x. 


Weekends flew by. Saturday was good - sleep, food, nap, com, TV, cook. Everything I love to do. Moma and Popa are back from bkk. Reviewed my loots hahaha they are damn funny. 2 of my hair masks got confiscated because they placed them in the handcarry LOL. You know what's the best thing they got? A dozen of salt toothpastes. I can brush every minute now with the amount of toothpastes I've at home. Awesome or what lol!

Sunday was a super busy day for me. Late for the bus = late for first tuition = late for second tuition. Cleaned the house, packed my wardrobe and ate dinner. I can't stand messy room/dirty floors now. Parents will be so happy if they know this. Ran some errands and Popa drove me (and my kaypoh family) to hall. ^^ 


Birthday surprise for HuiTuan with Hydrus. Only managed to hit the sack at ..2am? Yea girls talk again lololollll same topic btw. 

Tee + jeans + covered shoes + specs + hair up for lab session today. First lab session and my buddy is really nice! Half-Japanese! Cooollll. Heard the third key story from her haha. Quite eerie. Let's not talk about it now especially when I'm all alone in my room now. Hmmmm. 

Went through some other tutorials as well. Not bad but I was so tired I fell asleep outside the tutorial room while waiting for my chem tutorial to start. Power. 

Decided to have dinner in Can 4 today. Food taste good but I wasted 1hour+ waiting for it. The kitchen messed up the order :( 

First ever dustcap I got! My cutie duckie :3

Got it at the school flea for $2.50. A clearer picture of my new companion:

Now lessons tomorrow! Gonna hit JP for some restocking/errands, rest and catch up with school work. Slacked too much during the weekends. -____-

PS, I will try to take more pictures tomorrow! I will not let my dear camera rot on my hall's shelf. 

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