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Monday, August 20, 2012


Pardon my crude title. I have my reason for it.

I went to tuition as per normal today. The usual 965, the usual timing, the usual seat. (what's new?). Some guy sat beside me when he boarded at one of the stops. He sat really close and kept fidgeting around.

We alighted at the same stop. I walked towards my tutee's place and all of the sudden I felt a tap on my back.
Yes, it's that person la wtf. I think he followed me down wtf.

Him: Can I have you number?
Me: Huh?
Him: You Malay/Chinese?
Me: Chinese
Him: Can I have your number?
Me: Err no.
Him: Why, can I have you number?
Me: Er no not comfortable with it
Him: Why? Why cannot? 
Me: Not comfortable
Him: Can we talk? Just 5 mins
Me: No
Him: Just 1 min? Can we talk?
Me: I rushing for something
Him: You live here?
Me: Yes (I lied la of course)
Him: Private property? 
Me: No, condo
Him: Can we talk? Can I have your number? (I don't know how many times he repeated this but I just ignore him and walked really fast)
Him: Can we talk for a min? *PUT HIS HAND ON MY WAIST* I give you money (WTF)
Him: *PUT HIS HAND ON MY WAIST AGAIN _|_* Don't like that
Me: *JUMP AWAY LIKE ANOTHER NINJA AGAIN WTF* Don't touch me please (I sounded like the MRT ahlian yo)
Him: Dk what the shit he said blahblah
Me: Can don't follow me? You live here is it? If not I call the security *proceed to run into the condo*


Called Tim right after. Traumatised max. He's always the first I turn to when I meet any sort of dangers/questions. FHL hahah!

Tuition as per normal, everything was good. Went shopping pfffff. No weird people thank god!

Tons of florals! My favourite print nowadays!

Gonna grab my shoes from Vincci (for school) and still looking for my suede strappy heels. Come to me my dear! (Money too!)

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