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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last friday night

Hello long weekend! School only starts on Wednesday for me hehee. I have 1 more free day!

Primary school name tag

Week 1 Sem 1 officially over. Not toooooo bad. Not too hectic. At least before all the tutorials, projects, CCAs and whatnot start.

My fridays are so happening nowadays! Can we skip to next Friday right now? I don't even like weekends anymore lol.


After school we headed to Butterfactory for CAC pageant. I'm extra btw. Can't see anything during the pageant performance. All the tall girls (and guys) were blocking. Cannot imagine if I wore flats that night. I will totally be smelling their armpits wtf.

Watched a couple more games before the award ceremony...? Happy for WeeShan! ^^
Parted with the CAC people (not like I know a lot of them but well) and met Tim and Kai.

Walked all the way to Clarke Quay and had my first visit to Rebel/Zirca. It was really a good nigh. I'm so dead after the whole thing.
Idk but I'm starting to like.. cough clubbing cough
Next friday...? Hahaaaa!

Labels for my pens and all

Woke up at 3pm today. Thank god I changed my tuition date. Oh dad bought bee hoon + egg + luncheon meat. I love! Ate, watched tv after donkey years and napped. Watched the first part of the recorded lecture and I guess I will continue the rest tomorrow afternoon. or Monday. I will do it. School is my priority right now. :D I will not procrastinate. I must not.

Cooked dinner. Simple meal but I kinda miss it. I can't wait for dinner tomorrow because aunt is back from Malaysia. Nomnom I'm sucha pig.

Daisies from UK!

Lecture buddy aka one of my fav pens

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