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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sleeping late every Friday night

TGIF! Week 2 of school is over! That's really fast! I went home really early today (like before 12 lol). 3am right now and I'm sipping honey water, downloading Korean dramas and reading my Chemistry notes.

Met S & J just now and had Japanese ramen! I miss good ramen ^^ Talked and chilled until closing. Then tired us dragged ourselves home. Walked passed ex-company and I miss that place so much. No, I miss the people so much! Gonna drop by to visit them very very soon! :3

Btw, I've no tuition tomorrow! Time to sleep my Saturday away! Favourite thing to do hehee.

Lastly, Moma and Papa are coming back from bkk tomorrow! They are really cute - called me to tell me they got me like 8 tubes of hair masks and a dozen of toothpastes wtf. Impulsive JL? Please pass this title to them hahah! I need to spend some quality family time together ohyea! Sadly, my Sunday is almost gone. I have 4 hours tuition, a charity fair thingy in cwp and L4D2 session with Yue's OG mates. I've to head back to hall latest that night. 8.30am tutorial on Monday morning.... Early + long day.

Alright, I gonna finish up my Chemistry quiz before it expires or screws up.
Be back tomorrow (aka today) when I wake up!

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