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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Always at the back of my mind

Dear Diary,

Living life like a University student - study, eat, shower, sleep. I don't wanna get myself involved in any other activities anymore. I rather spend my free time slacking. I really need that.

Breakfast spread today was pretty decent. I had fried beehoon+noodles and sausage and a red bean bun as a sweet treat.

Alright kids I will be back. I guess I got to get SD card adapter so I can load the photos from my camera to the computer. Weekends that will be.

Good bye study hard! My first test is coming next week!


I will be staying in the hall until Saturday every week due to my CCA. This is... not fun. I can't have any breakfast at home anymore :( Plus, my Fridays will be lonely sigh. I miss talking to my moma. Yeah I kinda miss home. The people who always make me damn frustrated but I can never stay angry for long. Never mind, 10 lessons, I can do it!

I'm still open for dates on Fridays though! I just can't meet dearests at either Mac/random coffee stalls for food-chill sessions anymore. Not worth the travelling time/cab fares.

Tumblr: Social life, studies, sleep. I chose the later two. Alert: anti-social detected.
I know right but Uni is extremely hectic for me. After lessons I have to revise, do tutorials or whatsoever. I am a lazy ass but this place is so boring and empty I can do nothing but study. I would love to eat la but that will go against my diet plan. I get easily annoyed nowadays. I wonder is it time of the month or is it me. Ya, it's me lol.


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