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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Awesome weekend is awesome

Hello humans! How is your day?

Emogirl93 is now replaced with happygirl93. I guess all the dieting made my mood damn bad! Ate so so much today=happy max. 3 hours after dinner and I'm still bloated like a pig. :/

I will master it!
Thanks Murphy for lending me his spare violin! Save me a hundred bucks for now :)

Had my first beginner lesson. Learned how to hold the bow and stuff like that. Aiya I'm music retard; I can't differentiate different notes seriously :( Gonna practice everyday! Not the playing part yet. Thou shall spare your ears for now 104-ers/hall peeps. Hahaa.

Hi hair thank you for growing so much in 2.5 months

Tons of UOB stuff in my mailbox. 


The fridge, shelves and all are filled with food! I seriously don't want to go back to hall/diet plan now. 

I ate so much today. Hmm. 
Beehoon, rou gan bread, vitagen, mixed fruits salad, rice, soup, half cuppa soya milk and ice-cream! Probably 10x the calories I take a day in hall. Anyway, I'm starting to like cereals now. They taste soooo good with crushed biscuits and hot milo! *melts*

Gonna restock it tomorrow. My 'rice' for another week! 
2 tuitions tomorrow and I've to rush home to prepare a good spread for my family! Initial plan was to celebrate sis's birthday but since she doesn't appreciate it, we are good all by ourselves. More salmon to go around nomnom. 

I have to finish my chem revision today if not I will probably not hit the mark! Totally wasted last night and this morning. Lol. Cannot study with yq's positive aura around. 

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