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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Heart warmers

Dear #foreveralone young kid, 

Technically speaking I am 1 month older than you so you better not complain about aging. (Age is a sensitive issue, height and weight as well). I am quite sure we have some sort of magic working around us. 

I agree my dear, I agree things are different from what they used to be. We all grew up and probably changed a whole lot. However, there are things that would never differ too much even as time goes by. 

I will a call away whenever you need. We can talk all night (please download viber or stuff like that!) if I don't have any work. I'm sure your room mate wouldn't mind. ;) 

X Don't feel lonely anymore because I feel 10x worse. I feel lonely, stress and socially awkward. Let's not fight because I'm the clear winner. See you very soon my cutest boy! :D

I hope our chemistry works. Read this read this read this~

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