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Friday, September 14, 2012

Hello boo!

I'm sorry for the weird-looking picture. I snapped it when yq was sleeping like a pig. I am doing the exact same thing now wtf. Skipped chem tutorial that's why I'm here blogging. Hall is too comfy; I can't move my ass outta my room and travel back home. It's a long and torturous journey :(

Plans for Friday night are 凶多吉少. I hope the Chinese phrase correctly. It has been a while.. 

Let's just wait and see how it goes. I will probably spend my Friday night with books in the Library. So fun... exciting..... -___- Maybe I'd reward myself with some nice pasta or something. Or Starbucks. Or fried chicken wings. Or whatever I can't decide right now. Sigh who the hell studies on a Friday night except me? Ya I can aim for GPA 5.0 if I continue to lead such a no-life life. 

I'm whining and sad right now, I know right. I hate cancelling any plans because I don't have any backup plans. It is really bad to put an activity/date with another person as plan B, isn't it? I am quite nice after all hehehe (or maybe I secretly do not have any as options ahem hahaha!)

Class gathering tomorrow and attendance is pretty pathetic. I'm not particularly interested in Y (though I'm in Chemistry course right now). I wanna meet the class seriously. When will we ever meet as as a whole again? This is saddddddd :(

I should stop my sad nonsense right now, pack and prepare to leave. No matter what I've to go home today. We have 4 lights in the room already... Bright enough, LOL.

Let me go back to my cute virtual world. This game is hell boring yet addictive. Something like Pokemon but I screwed up the stats for my monsters. If you are interested, go download from Apps store - Little Monsters. We can battle hahaha wtf. I'm actually a kid trapped in this 19 year old body haha.

Let's go do all the things I'm supposed to do today. Jiayou!

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