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Sunday, September 2, 2012

New gadget

Woke up late today so I didn't manage to cook yummy food sigh. Everyone (except my moma) left before breakfast so I had 2 packets of fried beehoon. Yeah to comfort food. 

Met the class at BBQ chicken North Point for catch up session. Didn't get a main course because I was still full from breakfast. IT show after that to get my lappie. Thank god I don't have to go to that place for another thousands years or so. Lappie you better last me till then. The crowd was horrible. I felt giddy and extremely terrified wtf. I think I'm suffering from some sort of weird disease. Hmmm but I don't feel that way when I'm in a club. Probably too drunk or what trolololl. 
Sorry for my boorish behaviour btw :(

I'd snap a photo of my lappie soon. Almost the same as my sis's, just bigger and lighter. 

Very empty after buying it. I can like buy tons of other happy things. Hahaaaa damn broke now I'm going to eat grass. 

Random shot of sm and I. Our kid looks cute, if we ever had one.

Finally meeting the pigs tomorrow. 830am, I can do it!

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