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Friday, November 16, 2012

I';m making an effort here, what about you?

1. Mugging for exams. Terribly slow.
2. Going to meet my favourite people tonight. I know this is a crucial time but they are important. Studying is important too but as long as I'm put my 100% to it, it can be as efficient as sitting there for 10h straight.
3. Hair smells so good
4. A super happy piece of news to share and I want to do a decent post on it! ASAP
5. Think happy thoughts people!
6. Cleared my head and I'm glad I did.
7. So tired.
8. Blogged a couple of other posts before this to entertain anyone out there. If you've been mugging hard, take a min break to read and relax.
9. Aching body, especially shoulders, from prolonged hours in front of the computer.
10. My hips got wider. I had quite a hard time with my shorts yesterday. My sad life.
11. I'm giving it one last try. This time I will make it right.

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