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About Me

Welcome to JJoyis! 

JJOYIS contains mainly beauty reviews and food entries. Ultimately, I believe

there's no ugly woman, only lazy ones.

So, this is something just to help all the ladies along! I provide my honest opinion, whether it is given to try (aka sponsored), paid or self-purchased.

And food!
One of the best things in Singapore. The diversified and wide variety of choices really spoil my tastebuds.

I live to eat. I live to eat.

Sometimes, you will get snippets of my daily life, or when I am feeling artsy I will do a DIY. Sometimes I will write about my travel and sometimes, exploring around in Singapore.

Who am I?

Hi I am Jie Lin, if you can't pronounce my name just call me Joy!

I have officially graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Chemistry faculty. The end of University education means the end of my student life, well at least for now. My work revolves around finances right now and that is what I spend 3/4 of my time everyday on.

Epitome of Taurus. Blog revolves around beauty, lifestyle and personal notes. My online personality reflects how I talk to myself/think so it may seems a little different from my offline personality. Both are still me though!!  I am a big contradiction: hungry with no appetite, social anti-social, hardworking lazy ass... I confuse myself as well so don't think too much I don't make any sense to you. I am just... being myself.

Feel free to drop me an email for any collaborations/sponsorships/reviews/event invitations!
or just to say HI or if you like to know anything else about me!



JJoyis Visions?

Created to provide honest feedbacks and opinions on beauty-related products, recommendations on food and documentations of wanderlusting/adventures. I try to update as much as I can but writing a detailed post requires way too much time. Nonetheless, it is something I find joy in doing and I will continue to do so till my passion burns out.


Still the same old bits but if you're new to this space, let me explain a couple of terms for you!

1. Reviews 

They are products purchased with my own money or given to me. All opinions are my own though!

2. Sponsored Reviews/Food/etc*

They are products provided to me by various companies. I do not pay for them nor receive any remuneration for writing them. All opinions are again my own! I will state such reviews clearer in the title ^^

3. Sunday Weekly Bites

This is a special something I write mainly for my friends/myself. It is a weekly summary of my week and I usually post them on Sundays (HAHA like you can't tell). I moved on but I still like to keep my friends updated about my life and all you know - because I love reading about theirs too!

4. Dayre 

I stopped clocking in SOTW (aka Sunday Weekly Bites) ever since I started using Dayre. I try to keep this more personal but if you wish to find me and kaypoh about my life.... do I really need to tell you my IG? I lack creativity yo.

4. Paid Review

Remuration of some sort is provided.


I reserve the right to decide what I post on jjoyis even if the products are provided to me for reviewing. All reviews written are my honest and unbiased opinions. I might take a while to test the products fully but I will write about them 99.9999% of the time. Should there be an exception, relevant personnel will be contacted.

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