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About Us

Welcome to

JJOYIS ver. 2018 wishes to focus on beauty, food and lastly, personal touches

This is something just to help all the ladies (and guys) along! I provide my honest opinion, whether it is given to try (aka sponsored), paid ads or self-purchased.

I live to eat. I live to eat
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Personal touches to record memories. 
Because make people matter, not just things.
I don't want to call it a lifestyle because I don't think my lifestyle is that interesting. So it is just personal events worth noting down!

Sometimes when I am feeling artsy I will do a DIY. Sometimes I will write about my travel and sometimes, exploring around in Singapore.

Who are we?

Hi I am Jie Lin, Joy
I have officially graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Chemistry faculty. The end of University education means the end of my student life, well at least for now. I am a certified financial consultant in AIA right now and that is what I spend 3/4 of my time everyday on.

Not the most hardworking person to read from but thanks for checking back once in a while!
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Hi there, I am Jovee!

I have recently completed my University in NUS Psychology! Currently I am an aspiring SPED educator,  empowering and enabling these children to challenge their limits.

Feel free to drop us an email for any collaborations/sponsorships/reviews/event invitations!
or just to say HI or if you have anything to ask!




Created to provide honest feedbacks and opinions on beauty-related products, recommendations on food and documentations of wanderlusting/adventures. I try to update as much as I can but writing a detailed post requires way too much time. Nonetheless, it is something I find joy in doing and I will continue to do so till my passion burns out.


Still the same old bits but if you're new to this space, let me explain a couple of terms for you!

1. Reviews 

They are products purchased with my own money or given to me. All opinions are my own though!

2. Sponsored Reviews/Food/etc*

They are products provided to me by various companies. I do not pay for them nor receive any remuneration for writing them. All opinions are again my own! I will state such reviews clearer in the title ^^

3. Sunday Weekly Bites

This is a special something I write mainly for my friends/myself. It is a weekly summary of my week and I usually post them on Sundays (HAHA like you can't tell). I moved on but I still like to keep my friends updated about my life and all you know - because I love reading about theirs too!

4. Dayre 

I stopped clocking in SOTW (aka Sunday Weekly Bites) ever since I started using Dayre. I try to keep this more personal but if you wish to find me and kaypoh about my life.... do I really need to tell you my IG? I lack creativity yo.

5. Paid Review

Remuration of some sort is provided.


I reserve the right to decide what I post on jjoyis even if the products are provided to me for reviewing. All reviews written are my honest and unbiased opinions. I might take a while to test the products fully but I will write about them 99.9999% of the time. Should there be an exception, relevant personnel will be contacted.

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