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Monday, July 9, 2012

Stronger than me

Currently spamming another kdrama. Love it. The plot is so different from those I've watched.

Heading out to NTU tmr and I wonder y are they meeting so early. T__T I DON'T EVEN GET ENOUGH SLEEP NOWADAYS.

really no mood to blog nowadays. Explains boring posts. Yes, I just blabber what I can remember before bed. :x

Went grocery shopping today. Bought vegs, fruits etc. grabbed a pack chips, finished everything and tada, I can feel a bad sore throat coming. Nooooo not 1 day before my trip! :(

Got to finalise everything before leaving. And pack my luggage. :/

A lot of people are pissing me off, really. Especially random strangers. Dafaq i dont even... Want to explain.

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