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Monday, January 14, 2013

I'll love you at your darkest


 How's first day of school (for some of you)? Going crazy deciding on course and waiting for some kind soul to drop that index I want. Please?

Made some noise with violin before heading out to grab stuff for Friday's event. Yay to no school!

PS, dropped Korean because I think I am not ready for it. Hopefully I get both the Humanities and Business course I want.

Heading back to hall again tomorrow. I should start packing away the holiday mood and work my ass off for this new sem. Can't wait for this sem to be over though.

Lastly, hope I can meet the rest of my misses before I immerse myself in school and whatnot.
That's all folks!

*Yes, leftover pictures from that day! 

 What should I blog about after this? Running out of ideas :/

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