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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014, 365 days

Hey! It is time for this again. Did it for 2012, 2013 so here's my 2014 entry.

2014 was well.. comfortable. I am comfortable with the people around me and comfortable in my own skin. Nothing dramatic, nothing too crazy. I am showered with tons of love and opportunities I can't even say enough thank you. Yet another year of self-discovery and acceptance. I realised I am different and I accepted it gracefully. I handled my temper slightly better this year, believe it or not. I gave in at times instead of giving up, stepped forward instead of retreating. There were moments I am proud of and moments I feel like disappearing. There were mistakes made, lessons learned. Nothing too costly at least so I am glad.

And here's my very humble year in bullet form for you.

  • Did a lot of DIYs 
Especially this month. Suddenly I'm super into crafts and stuff (explains the chain of DIY/tutorial posts). Here are my favourite few!

Click here to learn!

 Click here to learn how!

  • Up my culinary playing ground

Okay I'm not an expert but I find myself gasping the feel better this year, especially in baking. My first successful (aka I will buy kind) baked good is this extra chocolate chips muffins. 
After that most of the things I made turned out decent. Edible. Which is awesome ^^ 

  • Clocked in 85% of the Summary of the week 2014
Cannot believe I made it. Well.. at least I post most of them on time! You can review them here
(I just posted the last one before this!!)

  • Travelled to Korea!

And spent a month there. Really glad I did. Don't think I will have the chance,nor time, to spend so long overseas again. Plus, it's one of my favourite countries! 

  • My 21st!

Which was quite hectic but thanks for coming, thanks for the gifts and thanks for the wishes! My thanks came half a year later hmm.

  • My angels' 21st!

Good to be growing up and growing old together ^^ There are more but I am too lazy to dig around for the photos. (Blogging on a new laptop yo)

  • Take blogging more seriously
Started taking this space more seriously only around this year. I used to write mainly for my friends to read. :) I hope my posts are helpful in one way or another~

  • Great opportunities 
I can't be more thankful. Thank you for all the products I have been given to test. I have found a couple of holy grails from there! 

  • Visited IFF 

Best ever. I love perfumes, I love Chem (it's a weird realisation after majoring in Chem for a good 3 years) so IFF has always been a place I want to visit one day. Thanks for the invite!

Would love to visit a beauty lab one day. Who knows it might be my future workplace?

  • Attended TSS launch 

The platform which offered me, again, a lot of opportunities to flourish. 감사합니다!

  • New URL
How can I leave this out right. Joyishappy is not even a year old~~~ Ahem but I am actually thinking of switching to a new site. However it is too labour-intensive so let me consider a bit more first!


Yes, I can finally say this!! I even drove around on my own, twice *pats back* It's not that scary after a while hahaha. 

  • Studied, hell lot 
Probably the most hardworking period in my whole entire life, I kid you not. Who said Uni no need to study one? 

  • Learned, and still learning, Korean
It is a very interesting language. Don't have the time to go for lessons but I try to pick some vocabs etc up on my own whenever I can. I will master it one day~

2015, I have great hopes in you. 
Here's some sort of resolutions I hope I can strike out next year, this time. 

1. Save enough for my last 1.5years of school fees. 

2. Get a better camera and learn how to use it!

3. Stick to a stricter skincare/workout regime.

4. Travel!

5. Improve my Korean

6. Update more frequently here

7. Shift to a new site.

8. Pick up 2 new skills (as you can see I am not very ambitious LOL)

9. Be a little more tidy

Thank you for staying with me - old or new friends, online or offline. You have definitely made a difference in my life! I hope I did as well.
What have you achieved in 2014 and what other things are you aiming to accomplish in 2015?

In 2 0 1 5
Take the First Step
Spread Kindness
Stay True to Myself
Give and Receive Unconditionally
Grow as a Person
Excel, Achieve, Score
Keep the Faith
. . . 

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